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25 December 2035 @ 12:53 am
Mostly locked, but I post irregularly anyway. Comment if you want to be friends! :)
So I haven't updated in the longest time, boo. Not much has happened. School is ending next Monday. o_____o CRAZY. I have no school tomorrow (well, today) because it is Brooklyn-Queens Day. I'm not too positive what that is but I don't have school so who cares. I also have no school on Friday because it's Senior Cut Day yaaaaay. And I'm not going to prom anyway, so who cares if I get demerits! ^____^ Not going to prom was the best idea I've ever had. ALSO I PASSED MY ROAD TEST WHAT o_______o I can't believe someone seriously thought me qualified enough to give me leave to DRIVE ON THE STREETS. :D Wow. :D

To add on to the 50books_poc challenge before I forget:

blah blah pretendin to be literateCollapse )


In other news, I am worryingly affectionate of rap music. o_______o Middle school!elitist!me is crying tears of shame somewhere in the past. I have like 50 Lil Wayne songs. I HAVE 55 WALE SONGS. (Wale ♥) Who else do I like - Chiddy Bang, Rhymefest, Illmaculate, Nas & Damian Marley's Distant Relatives, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z. Also I read a Kanye West primer today and........lol I like Kanye. Also herocountry and I read some Kanye West fanfiction. Just for kicks.

ALSO I have decided I am going for that Macbook after all. Now the only questions I have left: Macbook or Macbook Pro? Get it straight from the Apple site or off craigslist.org? DECISIONS, DECISIONS. I feel like I should probably get it legit from Apple because it seems safer and it's my first Mac, after all, but my mom kind of guilt-tripped me and I would feel pretty bad if I blew 1000+ on a laptop. In other technology news, my dad gave me his old Blackberry lol. I am going to name it Jude. It's huge and clunky and not half as easy to use as the latest cute and thin-as-anything models BUT I LOVE IT. LOOOOVE IT. Jude, I would never leave you for one of them skinny curve bitches.

I had this huge oh-god-not-anymore moment RE: college the other day. Namely, I just didn't want to go to Grinnell anymore because it seems like most people are just SO EXCITED about going and I'm seriously dreading going. I'm not that excited about my future classmates, I don't even want to THINK about going to Iowa (IOWA D:), and Grinnell is a good school but I'm fucking tired of clarifying: no, not Cornell, Grinnell. BAHH. I spoke to my friend who's there, a few RL friends, and bumped, so now I feel better about the whole thing, I guess. If anything, I can transfer next year aka LOOKS FURIOUSLY AT UCHICAGO AND COLUMBIA lol jk. Pipedreams, all of them. w/e w/e I'm chill, I'm good.

So: WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I'm really excited hehehe even though I only get this excited about soccer, like, every four years when the World Cup is on. shakedown_9th and I and my friend Katherine and I have many World Cup watching dates planned, the soonest being this Friday and Saturday with the former, and next week's Ivory Coast vs. Portugal with the latter. I have a South Korean jersey from the last World Cup lmao I have no idea why. I mean, yay South Korea but.............. ..... ...

Ummmm there may have been other stuff I wanted to say but I forgot. I've watched some movies lately! High Fidelity (cute, John Cusack!, music!), Annie Hall (Woody Allen is cute in a super-neurotic, on-edge kinda way, and I love that the entire film was basically a love letter to New York), and Possession (Aaron Eckhart and Gwyneth Paltrow are both unfairly attractive, seriously). I still have Match Point to watch, and I want to see The Notebook (maybe with Tori??) and, oh yeah, every film named in this entry. SIGH.

To end off, here's a picture of me:

I am remarkably good-looking, I know.
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26 May 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Hello all. I HAVE A QUESTION. What is a good laptop for college? And what is a reasonable price range for laptops? I need to buy one and my mom has been pressuring me but I have absolutely no idea where to start, so if anyone could help me, that would be super super super helpful and I would appreciate it a lot. ♥
25 May 2010 @ 09:33 pm
I've thought about posting a million times these past few weeks (other than my updates of my shameful behavior), but could never really get around to doing it. What can I say? Senioritis has hit me hard, I don't remember the last time I did real work, seriously, and I've been relearning how to read real novels (a novel (ha) idea, I know) along with watching Project Runway. Seriously guys, I watched all of season 4 in, like, 4 days. D:

That's really it, I guess. Here are the reviews for the books I've read thus far for 50books_poc:

1. Out: A Novel by Natsuo Kirino (05/2010)
- Terribly frightening and very interesting, but somehow I'd felt like I'd read a lot of it before. It's very Japanese, if that makes any sense. Page-turner, but only because I'm a masochist. As a horror novel, it does its job very, very well. As a novel...I'm not sure. 3/5. It deserves the points for thoroughly scaring the shit out of me.

2. Wait for Me by An Na (05/2010)
- Honestly, this was not a very good book. Bad character development, bad PLOT development, awkward writing style, the list goes on and on. :| 1/5.

3. Nothing but the truth (and a few white lies) by Justina Chen Headley (05/2010)
- There were some things in the beginning that had me suspecting maybe the author had some lingering psychological trauma she needed to work through or something, but the ending was satisfactory/that special brand of YA-cute. My only complaint is that the other characters were severely lacking in terms of development. 3/5.

4. Ocean of Words by Ha Jin (05/2010)
- The language Ha Jin uses is very simple, very sparse. Ocean of Words is a collection of short stories about war, and I needed a breather after each and every chapter. Extraordinarily lovely. 4/5.

5. Candy by Mian Mian (05/2010)
- Honestly, I wasn't impressed. Candy was a whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, but unfortunately, a lot of it didn't ring particularly sincere to me. Written to the point of sensationalism, it unfortunately didn't make me believe in much of it. 3.5/5 because though I personally didn't like it, I can admire it for what it does, and for the few choice scenes that really shone.

6. Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez (05/25/10)
- I love Márquez's (Márquez'?) style of writing, whether it loses something in translation or not. This book left me aching in the best way possible, and I wanted something different to happen at every turn. 4/5.

(Honorable mentions aka I read them before I learned of the challenge: José Saramago's Death Without Interruptions (4/5) and All the Names (3/5). I made it about halfway through Blindness before putting it down because it was legitimately making me feel like there was nothing good in the world ever.

Then I watched SHINee, and may have confirmed those beliefs. Whatever.)

Ha, that just made it look like I actually wrote a substantial entry. I've been trying to make it through Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses and Shalimar the Clown, but I never quite feel as if I'm giving them the attention novels of their standing deserve. @____@ I am going to place them on a pedestal so high I'm really not going to be read them eventually. :[
14 January 2010 @ 01:08 am




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